Great Ways to Use Your Merchant Cash Advance

Are you making good choices for your business? If you decide to seek a merchant cash advance for your company, ensure you make the investment worthwhile by spending the capital in the right ways. Consider the following and how they could improve your business.




Perhaps you’ve been considering adding more products to your current inventory. Maybe you have certain items that you sell or use often and could benefit from creating a stockpile. Buying in bulk instead of as needed can save your company quite a lot of money. Consider everyday cleaning items or packing supplies. If you sell seasonal items but have lower profits during that season, it may be beneficial to purchase the item now. Don’t forget to factor in items you sell daily. Creating a surplus ensures you don’t run out if you sell more than expected in a certain time.




Is your company growing? Does your store often have people lament that they love the products but wish there were a location closer to them? Is your restaurant often crowded and in need of more space? Regardless of the type of business that you run, a merchant cash advance is the perfect way to expand. Use the money to open a new location or add an expansion to your current one. Even if you don’t need more space, it’s the perfect time to upgrade the space you do have by redecorating or making improvements to space. Think outside of the customer box as well. Consider how improvements to employee workspace could boost productivity and morale.


Going Green


While it’s considered trendy to go green, it is also quite important. Going green not only helps the environment but helps your business. First, installing energy-efficient lighting, roofing systems, appliances or HVAC units will likely save you money on the company’s utility bills. Additionally, eco-friendly customers will see that you are making an effort and may be more likely to spend their money in your establishment.




Your cash advance would be perfect for use as marketing money. Most of today’s marketing efforts take place on the internet in places such as Facebook and Twitter. Running a website and even a blog that is SEO-optimized is also important. If you aren’t familiar with successful business marketing on the internet or if you are simply too busy with other aspects of the business to market effectively, your cash advance can be used to hire an outside firm. A firm can run your social media accounts and blogs, create marketing ideas and even help you rebrand if needed.


A merchant cash advance is relatively easy to be approved for and can greatly help your business. You’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain.


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