Access the Funds You Need for Your Next Real Estate Venture

bg_sicreA stated income commercial real estate loan can provide you with quick, easy access to funds for your next big real estate venture. Our loans are ideal for purchasing or refinancing commercial properties, and unlike traditional bank-backed mortgages, they do not place a significant amount of emphasis on your credit history. Instead of focusing on your credit score, we prefer to evaluate your property’s potential to generate revenue. Simply put, if your property has the potential to be profitable, there is a strong possibility that you will be approved for a loan. Since there is no need to explore your credit history extensively or fill out numerous documents, you will gain fast access to your funds.

Use Your Funds as You Please

Our loans are ideal for both first-time and seasoned real estate investors. As long as your property can generate enough income to cover tax, insurance and mortgage expenses, your chances of approval are high. If you have a credit score of at least 600 and you can provide us with proof of employment, you can acquire funds ranging from $100,000 to $5 million. You can use your funds for the following purposes

  • Refinancing
  • Debt consolidation
  • Property repairs or renovations
  • Real estate purchases
  • Working capital

Soft Money Loans

In addition to our traditional stated income commercial real estate loans, Commercial Funding USA is proud to offer soft money loans to all of our clients. These loans can give you access to the following benefits.

  • Secure funds of up to $500,000.
  • Up to 25 years of full amortization.
  • Fixed rates for the life of your loan.

As with all of our loans, our soft money loans offer extremely competitive interest rates and terms.

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Whether you are hoping to acquire a restaurant, hotel, or office space, Commercial Funding USA has a solution for you. Contact us directly to learn more about our stated income commercial real estate and soft money loans.