Financing Receivables for Better Cash Flow

bg_accountingMost businesses experience periodic bottlenecks where their cash flow runs lower than expected, and typically, it happens because accounts are outstanding and unpaid. Whether that happens because they are late or because a large order has just been fulfilled and the payment window is still open, the effect is the same. Luckily, accounts receivable financing brings you a solution that gets money flowing again by closing that waiting period.

How Financing Receivables Works

When you finance your outstanding receivables, an associate from Commercial Funding USA reviews your accounts and your customers’ payment histories. After that, an advance sum is calculated. It is typically somewhere above 70% of the outstanding amount. We then assume responsibility for collecting payments on your accounts, and as they come in, we subtract the original amount of the advance and our service fee before passing the remainder on to you. The result is money when you need it to work, so you are not waiting on your accounts.

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing

  • Expand your market share by servicing new orders quickly.
  • Fast flexible cash—in 24 hours.
  • Payment insurance on your accounts at no extra cost to you.
  • No loss of equity or addition of long-term overhead.
  • No recourse even if the account does not pay.

If your business would benefit by financing receivables, talk to one of our associates today to get the process started.