Don’t Skimp Out on These Common Startup Costs

It is natural to want to save money when you’re just opening your business, but a common mistake many start ups make is skimping on critical costs. Most avoid paying these common expenses because they think they can handle it themselves, but unless they’re experts in the field, they shouldn’t attempt to. If you have a dream, you should pursue it. Ensure it becomes your reality by enlisting the expertise found in the following costs.




Setting up your business’ budget and maintaining its books is best left to the experts. If you’re a one-person shop, you should be able to do this on your own, but as you expand, you’ll need to pass this responsibility on to someone more experienced. One mistake many business owners make is skimping on the accountant from the get-go. By doing so, they lose valuable advice when establishing a budget, financial accounts and the business’ tax structure.




The attorney will also help with your business’ structure, alongside all of your contracts. You do not want to go into operation with suppliers, vendors, employees and other key players without having a specialist backing you up when it comes to all legal matters. Your contracts must be bulletproof, your structure legit and your employment policies within local, state and federal guidelines. Your business structure must also be acceptable to all government entities.




Start ups shouldn’t skimp on marketing either because this is what gets the word about the new venture out there. Demographic research and a comprehensive marketing plan can make or break your business, so it’s wise to work with someone who knows all there is about traditional and the new-fangled social media marketing. Your presence must be established and you might not have the know-how or time to spend doing so.


Sales/Customer Service


Alongside marketing, you need a sales crew to pound the pavement. You also need customer service that is topnotch. You cannot hope to grow your new business if you are the only person trying to do it all. You won’t have time to seek additional sales to boost your business, much less keep customers happy by giving them the attention they seek. A solid sales and customer support team – even if it’s only two people – are a must.


Don’t make the same mistake other start ups do. Spend the money to enlist the expert guidance as discussed above. Setting up your business right, getting the word out and treating people right is what it takes to grow your venture.


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